Quit Your Day Job

I was hanging out with Patrick, the bartender, at my show this past Monday night who had a few questions.

1.  Did I study music full time in school?

2.  Do I do music full time now as a job?

I had to tell him no on both counts, at which point he said something along the lines of, “Wow – well, you should!”

Thanks, Patrick – I’d love to.

My actual job is similar in that it involves sitting down; but that’s where the similarities end, I’m afraid (I don’t count the quiet humming I do by the xerox machine while making copies…).  And unfortunately, I usually sit at a desk instead of a piano.  For hours. Like, hours and hours and hours.  Did I mention that I sit for hours??  Anywhere between 10 and 14, to be exact.  Here’s a cartoon I drew to demonstrate my point:

That said, you can understand (I hope…) why I revel in my free time.  I spend a good portion of the year ‘between projects’, as they say, and have a hard time letting go of that free time once another project starts up.  Case in point – I was recently offered a stellar position on an even more stellar film that would have had me working with the stellarest crew of all time (‘stellarest’ is a word.  Promise.)  Think of every enjoyable, successful, amazing film and it’s likely that this woman worked on it.  And she wanted to hire me!  Sadly, she wanted to hire me to sit in a chair all day – both in LA and Detroit.  And if there’s one thing I’ve discovered from being back in LA, it takes a ridiculously long time to build a fanbase somewhere and I’m not ready to stop building what I’ve got here out west.

So.  I turned it down.  It’s not that I’ll never work again.  Hopefully I’ll make some money before things get really tight and I can’t even afford to do what I love anymore.  Until then, though, I’m sticking to my guns and staying out of that chair.  A great plan during a recession, right??  So if you’re the praying type, feel free to send some prayers my way.  If not, then you can just send cash.




ps – almost forgot!  I just got some video footage back from my show in Long Beach a few weeks ago.  Wanna check out a fresh new song I’m working on recording?  I thought so…  And check out the HOTTEST little band I’ve ever been part of (not that I’ve actually ever been in a band, but….).  Tripp Beam rocks my little toe socks off every time he hits a drum set and Luke Janela makes me endlessly happy with his cello.  Seriously.  I can’t give this up.  Not yet….


ps2 – For those of you in similar situations or empathetic to the plight of a Dreamer in less than dreamy times, here’s a book for you.  Far and away one of the best books for kids and grown-ups.  Read the whole thing for yourself just by clicking on the image below.  Enjoy!




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jetty Rae
    Feb 19, 2011 @ 04:23:13

    So proud of you, I’m gonna pray that you stay out of that chair forever! You are a bench kinda gal. So glad you are living your dreams in California! You must’ve sent some sunshine to Michigan because it’s actually been warm here. Anyway, wanted you to know I’m cheering for you, and when you get back to the mitten im taking you out for dinner/drinks and I wanna hear all about your adventures! Gooooo jesssssiiicccaaaa rrrriiippppkkkkaaa, I believe in you 🙂 love Jetty


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